Rockabilly Girls

Rockabilly Girls Subvert Gender Norms

Posted on: November 22, 2010

According to Hannah, “Pinup gives the classy elegant look of the 50’s, which women were meant to look nice and stay home, yet has a rebel twist”. In Marilyn Monroe’s era a woman’s job was to stay home with the children, clean, cook and always be in the best of the best mood when the husband came home from work. The pinup models in the 50s were pure, pale skinned, and modest.  Today pin-up girls and Rockabilly girls subvert those norms by dressing in vintage clothing, hair in tight curls, and make-up done to perfection with personal modifications like tattoos, piercings, and assertive attitude. By combining these two ways today’s models redefine beauty by breaking down the gender norms and allowing people to see the beauty in what used to be a disgrace. No longer are women in freak shows for displaying their thought of beauty but rather admired for their beauty.


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