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Today tattoos are seen everywhere on everyone from men to women and young to old. Many celebrities have tattoos giving society the official “okay”to follow in their footsteps. Tattoos have not only become popular and the thing to do, but are actually a form of art. Members of the Rockabilly sub-culture practice this art by displaying meaningful tattoos on their blank canvas they call their bodies. Not only do people call tattoos a form of art, today it has actually entered fine art museums such as the Noyes Museum where tattoos are exhibited. According to tattoo artist, Titus,” It’s not only just an exhibition of the work, but we wanted it to be informative to people who don’t think tattooing is an art.” By allowing tattooing to be showcased in fine art museums helps to open the door to higher culture and confirm how mainstream tattoos really are. Society didn’t always used to be as accepting as it is today. During the 1950s people viewed tattoos negatively and weren’t open to change. Christians believed tattoos damaged the body that symbolized a temple of purity. Others felt they were not traditional and a form of rebellion. It wasn’t common or socially normal for a house wife to show much skin let alone have a tattoo. The only women brave enough to challenge the boundaries of being a woman were only found in one place, freak shows.


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